Volume 5 – 1966

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Brooks, R.T: The Rumps: Second Interim Report on the 1965 Season

Pool, P.A.S: The Borlase-Stukeley Correspondence

Warner, R.B: Burrow Belles: A New Chambered Tomb near Truro

Le Grice, C.V: Poem: To a Fallen Cromlech

Christie, P.M: Carn Euny: A Brief Note on the 1965 Excavation

Ashbee, P: Excavations at Halangy Down, St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly, 1965 & 1966

Fox, A and Ravenhill, W.L.D: Excavation of the Roman Fort at Tregear, Nanstallon, 1965: Interim Report

Tylecote, R.F.: The History of the Tin Industry in Cornwall: some suggested lines of research

Dudley, D and Minter, E.M: The Excavation of a Medieval Settlement at Treworld, Lesnewth, 1963

Excavation News, 1965-1966:

Perran Sands
Tresmorn, St Gennys
Fenton-Ia Chapel, Troon
Chapel Jane, Zennor

Digest of Cornish Periodicals: 5, 1965-1966

Parochial Check-Lists of Antiquities:

Penwith(W): 9, Morvah;additions to St Just
Penwith(E): 2, Gwinear; 3, Illogan (first part)
Powder: 4, St Goran
Kerrier: 4, St Martin in Meneage; 5, Mawgan in Meneage; 6, Constantine

Cumulative Index of Cornish Archaeology

List No 14: April 1965-April 1966

Short Notes:

Thomas, C: A Cross-Incised Slab from Ludgvan Churchyard


Thomas, C (ed): Rural Settlement in Roman Britain

Phillips, C.W (compiled by): Ordnance Survey (Period Map): Britain in the Dark Ages (from circa 410 to 870 A.D.)

Bizley, A.C: The Slate Figures of Cornwall

Gibson, F.E: Scilly and the Scillonians – A Pictorial History