Archaeological Societies throughout Britain provide, through their annual Journals , the principal means by which archaeological discoveries, surveys, excavations and research are published.


Our Annual Journal

"Cornish Archaeology" is a well-respected peer-reviewed publication and has for more than 50 years published the majority of archaeological research projects carried out in Cornwall and Scilly. It is not all archaeological jargon and complex theory! We hope that there is something of interest for everyone in each journal. The 5 most recent editions are available to members only, but some of the articles are free to access from publication and can be found below.

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The Newsletter

Keeps Members up to date with news of people, events and activities, whilst also keeping Members informed about other publications that might be of interest. Newsletters are published three times a year, in February, June and October. They contain reports of lectures, walks and special events. Members also contribute articles about their special interests, their involvement in excavations or sites they have visited on holiday. Printed newsletters are posted to members unless they choose to receive them by email. To opt for the email version please inform the membership secretary with your current email address.

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Our Area Representatives also supply regular reports and 'Monument of the Month' pieces. These can all be accessed on our Area Reps page

Contribution Notes

We welcome contributions to our newsletter and journal.

Summaries of lectures should be between 500 and 600 words. Descriptions of walks may be a little longer, but contributors should be willing to have their pieces edited down. Pictures from the walks are very welcome. Accounts of holidays, excavations, museum visits or discoveries should be illustrated with colour photographs and the copyright owners clearly indicated. Longer, discursive articles are welcome, but it would be advisable to contact the editor and discuss the content and length beforehand.

Articles should be written in WORD in black ink and saved as .doc or .docx documents and should not be read only.

The following guidelines are intended to aid prospective contributors to Cornish Archaeology. Anyone intending to write a contribution for the journal should also look at a recent volume and use that as a broad guide. For queries on particular points please contact the editor.

Download the Journal contribution Guidelines here

Further Reading

Beyond our own Journal and Newsletter there have been many books and articles published on the archaeology of Cornwall, Scilly and further afield. Though there are hundreds to choose from, here are some we recommend for those who wish to learn more on the subject.

General background

Bewley B (1994) Prehistoric settlements. (English Heritage/Batsford)

Cunliffe B (2004) Iron Age Britain. (English Heritage Batsford)

Darvill T (2010) Prehistoric Britain (Routledge)

Parker Pearson M (2005) Bronze Age Britain (English Heritage / Batsford).

Cornwall background

Peters C (2005) Archaeology of Cornwall (Cornwall Editions- hardback).
The most comprehensive book on the archaeology of Cornwall.

Cornish Archaeology (2011) Volume 50. Golden Jubilee Volume.
This is the most recent review of the archaeology of Cornwall.

Area guide books

Herring P and Rose P (2001) Bodmin Moor’s Archaeological Heritage. (Cornwall County Council).
General introduction to the archaeology of Bodmin Moor. Available to purchase via Cornwall Council

Johnson N and Rose P (2003) Cornwall’s Archaeological Heritage. (Twelveheads Press)
Good general guide

Weatherhill C ( 2009) Cornovia: Ancient Sites of Cornwall and Scilly, 4000BC -1000AD (Halsgrove).
A popular general guide to archaeological sites in Cornwall.

Weatherhill C (2000) Belerion. Ancient Sites of Land's End. (Halsgrove, Alison Hodge).
A popular guide to sites in West Penwith.

Site specific

Batey CE (2010) Tintagel Castle. (English Heritage Guidebooks).

Christie PM (2001) Chysauster and Carn Euny. (English Heritage Guidebooks).

Linzey R (1999) Pendennis and St Mawes. (English Heritage Guidebooks).

Thomas AC (1993) Tintagel. Arthur and Archaeology. (English Heritage/Batsford)

Morris CD, Barrowman RC, and Batey CE (2007)