Covid 19 Update

I am happy to report that our AGM on 17th April took place very successfully on Zoom, followed by a superb series of talks about the work of the late Roger Mercer.  For those members who were unable to join us on Zoom that day, the lectures are available on this website, and a brief summary of their content can be found in the latest Newsletter, also available on line. Our lectures on line have proved very popular so I can announce that here will be a special series of talks on Zoom specifically on Cornish archaeology this winter, as well as face-to-face lectures when we get the go-ahead.  Our first guided walk is also scheduled for 6th June – details on the website and the latest Newsletter.


A significant decision taken at the AGM was to experiment with issuing one Newsletter a year electronically, to save printing and postage costs.  To receive this issue, and the frequent email updates through the year, we will need your email addresses and permission to use them.  Please forward these to our Membership Secretary at

Caroline Dudley


Cornwall Archaeological Society

Welcome to everyone interested in the archaeology of Cornwall and Scilly.

For over 50 years our Society has been the principal archaeological organization in Cornwall and Scilly. The Society acts as the forum that brings together amateur archaeologists, professional archaeologists and all those interested in Cornwall’s past and the preservation of its archaeological heritage.

Today, with over 450 members, our activities are varied and inclusive. The society arranges over a dozen talks, monthly walks and annual conferences and special events. We also run our own fieldwork and research projects and encourage members to take part with likeminded organisations. Our annual journal is a well-respected, peer reviewed publication, and has for more than 50 years published the majority of archaeological research projects carried out in Cornwall and Scilly. Our regular newsletter keeps members up to date on news of people, events and activities.

Our Area Representatives are stationed across the county, keeping track of sites and monuments, and offering a local point of contact.

Please explore our website, find out about us and how you can join us, explore the archaeology of your area, and become more involved.

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Our Publications

50 years of Cornish Archaeology

Our Journal records research into the archaeology of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, including excavations and reassessments of earlier finds.

A Newsletter, published 3 times a year, keeps members in touch with our events and other activities in Cornwall and beyond.

Copies of both publications, along with a reading list are available to read for free on the publications page.

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Our Events


We offer winter lectures in Liskeard and Truro, which cover topics at home and abroad.

Throughout the year members explore archaeological sites in Cornwall and sometimes farther afield with expert guides.

Every year we have either a conference concentrating on Archaeology in Cornwall or a day of presentations shared with Devon Archaeological Society.

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Why Join Us?


If you want to help us learn more about archaeology or explore Cornish sites by survey or excavation, join us.

Like- minded people will give you a warm welcome and we will discover Cornwall’s archaeology together.

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