Volume 45 – 2006

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Front cover: A crop mark enclosure with an annexe on its west side (right in the photograph) in Ladock parish (SW 8630 5030) , photographed in April 2007. The enclosure, almost certainly Iron Age – Romano-British enclosed farmstead or ’round’ , is one of 30,000 archaeological features in Cornwall plotted from air photograph by the National Mapping Programme.


By land, sea and air; an Early Neolithic pit group at Portscatho, Cornwall and consideration of coastal activity during the Neolithic Andy M Jones and Stephen J Reed

Cornish Beakers; new discoveries and perspectives Andy M Jones and Henrietta Quinnell

An Early Bronze Age pit at Trenoweth, Portreath, and other results from the Reskadinnick to Portreath transfer pipeline Ann Reynolds

The Eathorne Menhir Steve Hartgroves, Andy M Jones and Graeme Kirkham

The National Mapping Programme in Cornwall Andrew Young

Old Tom; the discovery of an unfinished cross on Catshole Tor, Bodmin Moor Andrew Langdon

A molendinary conundrum Charles Thomas

Recent work by the Historic Environment Service, Cornwall County Council

Exeter Archaeology: projects in Cornwall, 2006

Professor Harold Fox (1945 – 2007): an appreciation Peter Herring

Review article: Rillaton reconsidered and the Kentish Ringlemere gold cup: the British Museum’s publication of Europe’s Bronze Age cups Paul Ashbee


Andy M. Jones. Cornish Bronze Age ceremonial landscapes, c. 2500-1500 BC, by David Field

Rachel C. Barrowman, Colleen E Batey and Christopher D Morris, Excavations at Tintagel Castle, Cornwall 1990 – 1999, by Peter Rose

Selen Bates and Keith Spurgin, The dust of heroes, by Andy M. Jones