Volume 32 – 1993

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Preston-Jones, A: The Men an Tol reconsidered

Herring, P et al: Examining a Romano-British boundary at Foage, Zennor

Quinnell, H: A sense of identity: distinctive Cornish stone artefacts in the Roman and post-roman periods

Batey, C, Sharpe, A and Thorpe, C: Tintagel castle: archaeological investigation of the Steps area 1989 and 1990

Herring, P and Hooke, D: Interrogating Anglo-Saxons in St Dennis

Rodwell, W: Lanlivery church, its archaeology and architectural history

Wilson-North, W.R: Stow: the country house and garden of the Grenville family

Goodwin, J: Granite towers on St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly


Hargroves, S: The Hendra axe

Tyacke, A: Recent archaeological acquisitions at the Royal Cornwall Museum

Nowakowski, J.A: Archaeology along the hard shoulder – the Indian Queens project

Herring, P: St Michael’s Mount: recent and future work

Ashworth: A note on the Excavation Index for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

Walford, G.F: An underground passage rediscovered

Recent work by the Cornwall Archaeological Unit:

St Just Mining District
Pendennis Headland
Littlejohns Barrow
Isles of Scilly
Lanlivery Church
Burraton-Liskeard Gas Main
Foage lynchet
Bodmin Burgage Plots
Derelict Land: The Flat Lodes Mines; Wheal Uny; Shaft-capping schemes
Excavation: Duckpool


Thomas, C; Tintagel; Arthur and Archaeology 1993

Johnson, N and Rose, P: Cornwall’s Archaeological Heritage 1990

Smith, J.R: Cornwall’s China Clay Heritage 1992

Ratcliffe, J: Scilly’s Archaeological Heritage 1992

Obituary: Florence Nankivell