Volume 29 – 1990

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Parker-Pearson, M: The production and distribution of Bronze Age pottery in south-west Britain

Peters, F: The possible use of West Penwith menhirs as boundary markers

Cave, D and Irwin, M: Another flint site on Trevose Head

Ashbee, P: A souterrain on Scilly?

Thomas, N and Hartgroves, S: A Beaker cist grave at Harrowbarrow

Preston-Jones, A and Rose, P: Bury Camp, St Dominick

Seccombe, M.S: Magnetic susceptibility survey as a method for assessing landscape processes and the archaeology of Bodmin Moor

Mayer, P: Calstock and Bere Alston silver-lead mines in the first quarter of the 14th Century

Recent work: excavation

Tintagel Island
Pendennis Castle
Tintagel Churchyard
Pool, A: Henry Crozier and his discovery of Chysauster
Hartgroves, S: Aerial photography in Cornwall: summer 1989

Recent work: survey

Mineral Tramways Project
Ballowal Barrow
Pennance, Zennor
The Garrison, St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly
Red River


Bowden, M (ed): From Cornwall to Caithness, Some Aspects of British Field Archaeology