Volume 1 – 1962

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Raleigh Radford, C.A.: The Neolithic in the Southwest of England

Dudley, D: The Excavation of a Barrow at Glendorgal, Newquay, 1957

Fowler, P.J: A Native Homestead of the Roman Period at Port Godrevy, Gwithian

Fowler, P.J and Thomas, A.C: Arable Fields of the Pre-Norman Period at Gwithian

Saunders, A.D: Harry’s Walls, St Mary’s, Scilly: A New Interpretation

Douch, H.L: Archaeological discoveries recorded in Cornish Newspapers before 1855

List of Cornish Museums

Digest of Cornish Periodicals: 1, 1960-1961

Unpublished Material from Cornish Museums:

1, Carn Brea Finds, Camborne Public Library

Parochial Check-Lists of Antiquities:

Hundred of Penwith(West): 5, Sancreed
Hundred of Pydar, 1, St Agnes

Cumulative Index of Cornish Archaeology

List No. 10: May 1961-March 1962 with addenda

Short Notes:

Guthrie, A: A Stone Baking Oven in a Cottage at Zennor

Larking, L.M: Bee Boles


Bowen, C.H: Ancient Fields

Clark, E: Cornish Fogous

Jope, E.M(ed): Studies in Building History

Thomas, A.C: Phillack Church

Wilson, D and Blunt, C.A: The Trewhiddle Hoard

Henderson, C: Ecclesiastical Antiquities, etc.

Watkins, C.M: North Devon Pottery ant its Export to America

Miles Brown, A: Cornish Clocks and Clockmakers

Jenkin, A.K.H: Mines and Miners of Cornwall I, II