Area Representatives

The Society includes a number of members who act as Area Representatives (ARs), in order to provide a local contact for CAS members, and for others wishing to contact the Society. An AR will normally be responsible for one or more parishes around his/her home area, and between them they cover the whole of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

The AR is expected to be watchful for any occurrence within their area which might have archaeological significance, such as developments disturbing the soil or likely to have an impact on archaeological and historic sites and monuments, and to bring any such to the attention of the local professionals. The AR is also responsible for co-ordinating the Monument Watch project in their area.

The Area representatives provide regular reports on their work as well as ‘monument of the month’ posts. These can be found at the bottom of this page.

Minutes of Area Representative meetings, notices of upcoming events, and individual contact details can be found within the AR Members page

To get in touch with your local AR please contact the Coordinator  and include the name of your parish in your message. There are currently vacancies in several parishes, and if you’d like to volunteer as an Area representative in these areas, we’d love to here from you.

Monument Watch

The Society assists Historic England and Cornwall Council archaeologists in monitoring and recording the state of Scheduled Monuments and other sites of historic interest in Cornwall. The procedure for assessing and recording monuments has been agreed with the professional archaeologists, and regular training sessions are provided for those members taking part.

Monument Watch is co-ordinated by the Area Representatives, and is an important activity carried out by the Society. If you would like to take part in this activity, please get in touch, as new volunteers are always welcome.

Monument of the Month

Every month, one of our Area Representatives will be sharing a site or item of interest from one of their parishes