Two New Books on Cornish Buildings

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Two new books have recently been published on the distinctiveness of Cornish buildings and Cornish architecture (begat by the ongoing work of the Cornish Buildings Group). Please find the descriptions of these publications below alongside details on how to purchase them.

Paul Holden (ed.), The Distinctiveness of Cornish Buildings. Conference Papers Marking the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Cornish Buildings Group Presented at St Austell in 2019 (Donington, Shaun Tyas, 2023). Hardback, pp.320, properly sewn in sections, bound in real cloth and printed in full colour. ISBN 978-1-915774-05-7, price £35.

The book contains fifteen essays from a conference held by the Cornish Buildings Group in 2019, held to mark their fiftieth anniversary as an amenity society. The conference theme revolved around the topic of ‘What is unique about Cornish architecture?’. The chapters cover a broad range of subjects including the uniqueness of Cornwall’s building materials, the domestic and ecclesiastical architecture, the advent of new schools after the Education Act of 1870, the new cathedral at Truro
in 1876, the contribution of several architects of distinction to the county’s buildings, and the challenges of meaningful conservation today. Archaeology is also featured, with a major essay on the recent excavations at Tintagel, and there is general survey by the editor, a concluding postscript and a comprehensive index.

For those ordering from overseas, please email the publisher for a quote on the postage. Payment can be by PayPal using the email address, or by bank transfer (contact the publisher) or by traditional cheque in the post. Send this form with cheque to the publisher: Shaun Tyas, 1 High Street, Donington, Lincolnshire, PE11 4TA, UK; or telephone him on 01775 821542, or discuss the order by email: The email address is also the one to use for PayPal.

Paul Holden and John Stengelhofen, The Cornish Buildings Group: First 50 Years (Cornish Buildings Group, 2022). Softback, pp.128, printed in full colour ISBN 978-1-3999-3859-4, £15

Since 1969 the aims of the Cornish Buildings Group have been to stimulate interest, appreciation and knowledge of good building in Cornwall, and to encourage the erection, protection, repair and recording of such buildings. Like any amenities group, the Group depends on numbers, strength and support of membership, who provide the force and knowledge that have made them effective for over fifty years.

The CCBG encourages the protection and repair of historic buildings regardless of whether they are listed buildings or simply good examples of traditional building. They also aim to encourage good architecture and to raise the general standard of building throughout the county. The hopes of the Group are that our generation may leave behind it buildings which will be looked back on with that same pleasure and enjoyment that we experience when we look at the architecture of past ages.

This history of the Group is dedicated to the four Council members we have sadly lost since 2019 – Hugh lander, Jenny Gason, Nick Cahill and John Stengelhofen – all of whom have encouraged good design and the preservation of Cornwall’s rich built heritage over many years.

To buy a copy for £15 including P&P please email: