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Recently released: Links to Late Antiquity: Ceramic exchange and contacts on the Atlantic Seaboard in the 5th to 7th centuries AD by Maria Duggan. The publication may be of interest to members, centering on discoveries made at sites in western Britain such as Tintagel in Cornwall.


‘It is, above all, the analysis of the evidence from the Atlantic seaboard, from France, Portugal and Spain, which makes this work an essential point of reference for its field of research. Future researchers cannot afford to ignore this work.’  Prof. Michael Fulford, University of Reading

‘This is the first major study of Mediterranean material culture in early medieval Britain since Campbell’s 2007 study, and is unique in that it situates British finds within a wider Atlantic coast context. Doing so allows the author to present an original thesis which challenges the received wisdom in this area and presents an alternative model of coastal trade in the period.’  Dr Ben Jervis, Cardiff University

Click on the headings below to read the TOC and Introduction:


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