Heritage Counts 2016

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Historic England formally launched Heritage Counts 2016 on 1st December. The reports have been published by Historic England on behalf of England’s leading heritage organisations, which make up the Historic Environment Forum. Here is the link to the report for the South-West



Part of this annual review of the state of England’s heritage comprises the Heritage at Risk register. Here is the link to the report for the South-West. You can find the individual entries for Cornwall here

You will see that there are still an alarming number of Scheduled Monuments art Risk. Through Monument Watch CAS is helping to keep these numbers under control.  It is a large task but with the help of Ann Preston Jones, Emma Trevarthen and our ever vigilant Area Representatives we are making great progress. Medieval monuments is our focus in 2017 and we shall be holding a training day in the summer to highlight this. We are also hoping to focus on the Cornwall AONB who are very keen for us to help them monitor the heritage assets within the AONB. Three further maps will give you a good idea just how important the heritage of Cornwall is in a regional context. here is the link to maps showing the number of Scheduled Monuments, Listed Buildings and Registered Parks and Gardens: