Alan Sorrell – The Man who created Roman Britain

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Julia Sorrell, who gave a talk for CAS a few years ago, has recently co-authored a book on her fathers work which may be of interest to members:

Alan Sorrell
The Man who created Roman Britain
Julia Sorrell & Mark Sorrell
Commissioned and published by Oxbow Books

Available at a pre-publication price of £22.50
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Alan Sorrell’s archaeological reconstruction drawings and paintings remain some of the best, most accurate and most accomplished of their genre. As the architectural historian Gavin Stamp wrote in Apollo Magazine in 2014: “No artist has done more for out (Great) British Heritage than Alan Sorrell”. In this affectionate but objective account, Sorrell’s children present a pictorial biography followed by more detailed descriptions of the genesis, research and production of examples of his work that demonstrate the artist’s integrity and vision. Illustrated throughout with many of his most familiar images from public collections as well as the extensive family archive of drawings and working drawings, they frequently quote from his writings and correspondence, allowing Sorrell to speak for himself. As to the title, that was his mischievous sense of humour taken seriously by a gullible child!