Volume 43 & 44 – 2004/2005

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The front cover shows the view from Stannon stone circle to Rought Tor, partly obscured by the spoil heaps of Stannon china-clay works. The Stannon circle is one of the largest in Cornwall and formed part of a wider earlier prehistoric ceremonial landscape, other elements of which were investigated in a major project undertaken in 1998-9; see A.M. Jones, Settlement and ceremony: archaeological investigations at Stannon Downs, St. Breward, Cornwall, this volume. Photograph: Graeme Kirkham.


Settlement and ceremony: archaeological investigation at Stannon Down, St. Breward, Cornwall ANDY M JONES

Stannon Down: a note on the landscape modelling BRYN TAPPER with ANDY M JONES

After the flood: building recording at Minster church, Boscastle, in 2005 JOHN ALLAN

Discoveries among the Mullion to Lizard South West Water pipeline DICK COLE, ANDY M JONES, and ANNA LAWSON-JONES

Our founder in the field CHARLES THOMAS

An early medieval buckle from Phillack ANNA TYACKE

Recent work by the Historic Environment Service Cornwall County Council:

Exeter Archaeology: projects in Cornwall, 2004-2005


Henrietta Quinnell, Trethurgy. Excavations at Trethurgy Round, St. Austell: community and status in Roman and post-Roman Cornwall by Neil Holbrook


Aileen Fox, Daphne Harris