Volume 24 – 1985

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Thomas, C: The fiftieth Anniversary of the West Cornwall Field Club

Walker, M.C.C and Austin, D: Redhill Marsh: A site of possible Mesolithic activity on Bodmin Moor

Christie, P.M. et al.: Barrows on the North Cornish Coast: Wartime Excavations by C.K.Croft Andrew 1935-1944

Quinnell, H and Harris, D: Castle Dore: the Chronology Reconsidered

Fitzpatrick, A: The Iron Age Glass Bracelets from Castle Dore

Henderson, J.: The Glass from Castle Dore: Archaeological and Chemical Significance

Griffith, F.M: Enclosures in the Launceston Area

Hartgroves, S and Harris, D: A Bronze Age Urn from Craig-a-bella, Poldhu, Gunwalloe

Cave, D: A Collection of Artefacts from Trevose Head

Beagrie, N: A Bronze “Ox-hide” from Cornwall

Weatherhill, C: The Ships of the Veneti

Tangye, M: A New Inscribed Stone and Churchyard Cross, St Euny’s Church, Redruth

Thomas, C: St Euny’s Church, Redruth: a Note on the Inscription

Gerrard, S: Retallack: A Late Medieval Tin Milling Complex in the Parish of Constantine, and its Cornish Context

Harris, D and Andrew, J: An Ancient Wall at Pendennis Point, Falmouth

Nowakowski, J.A and Herring, P: The Beehive Huts of Bodmin Moor

Gerrard, S and Sharpe, A: Archaeological Survey and Excavation at Wheal Prosper Tin Stamps, Lanivet

Excavation News 1985

Water pipe trench to St Mawes
St Buryan and Pelynt Churchyards
Bodmin Priory


Weatherhill, C: Cornovia: ancient sites of Cornwall and Scilly

Thomas, C: Exploration of a Drowned Landscape: Archaeology and History of the Isles of Scilly