Volume 21 – 1982

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Ashbee, P: Mesolithic Megaliths? The Scillonian Entrance-Graves: A New View

Smith, G and Harris, D: The Excavation of Mesolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Age settlements at Poldowrian, St Keverne, 1980

Johnson, N and David, A: A Mesolithic Site on Trevose Head and contemporary Geography

Pearce, S: A New Bronze Age rapier from the River Fowey, and the Bronze Age Weapon Tradition in Cornwall

Saunders, A and Harris, D: Excavation at Castle Gotha, St Austell

Carlyon, P.M: A Romano-British Site at Kilhallon, Tywardreath: Excavation in 1975

Short Notes:

Berridge: A Mesolithic Flint Adze from the Lizard

Steele, P: Flint Implements from Great Hammett, St Neot

Ashbee, P: Scilly’s Roman Altar

Tangye, M: A Medieval Cross-Base on St Martin’s, Scilly?


Hugh o’Neill Hencken (1902-1981) and his Archaeology of Cornwall and Scilly and Beyond

Field Work in 1981:

Johnson, N and Rose, P: Recent Work of the Cornwall Committee for Rescue Archaeology

Smith, G: The Lizard Project

Startin, B: Halligye Fogou

Saunders, A: Launceston Castle: An Interim Report

Browse, R.G: Tintagel Castle


Durrance, E.M and Laming, D.J.C (eds): The Geology of Devon

Piggott, S (ed): The Agrarian History of England and Wales, Vol I, Part I, Prehistory

Tomlin, E.W.F: In Search of St Piran

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St Columb Minor