Volume 10 – 1971

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Miles, H and Miles, T.J: Excavations on Longstone Downs, St Stephen-in-Brannel & St Mewan

Noall, R.J: Bussow Bronze Age Village and its Last Inhabitants

Sheppard, P: “One Barrow” or Two?

Hodder, I: The Use of Nearest Neighbour Analysis

Newcomb, R.M: Comments on “The Use of Nearest Neighbour Analysis”

Tangye, M: Earthworks in the Parish of Illogan

Rahtz, P: Castle Dore – A Reappraisal of the Post-Roman Structures

Beresford, G: Tresmorn, St Gennys

Pool, P.A.S: Zennor Quoit Preserv’d (poem)

McBride et al.: A Mid-17th Century Merchant ship-wreck near Mullion: Interim Report

Turk, F.A.: Notes on Cornish Mammals in Prehistoric and Historic Times: 4

Excavation News, 1970-1971:

Carn Brea, Illogan
Nornour, Isles of Scilly
Samson, Isles of Scilly
Launceston Castle
Berry Court, Jacobstow

Digest of Cornish Periodicals: 9, 1970-1971

Cumulative Index of Cornish Archaeology:

List No. 19, Oct 1970 – Dec 1971

Parochial Check-Lists of Antiquities:

Powder: 11, Roche
Pydar: 3, St. Breoke
Penwith (E): additions to 1, Gwithian; 3, Illogan; 4, Redruth

Short Notes:

Mackenzie, P.Z: Flint Arrowhead from Bryher, Isles of Scilly

Dowson, E: Coin Hoard from Mawnan Pari


Rawe, D.R: Padstow’s Obby Oss and May Day Festivities

Grinsell, L: Discovering Regional Archaeology – South Western England

Thomas, C: Britain and Ireland in Early Christian Times, AD 400-800

Chesher, V.M and F.J:
The Cornishman’s House – an introduction to the history of traditional domestic architecture in Cornwall