Roger Mercer and the Neolithic in Southern Britain – Post AGM talks (17 April 2021)

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Cornwall Archaeological Society gathered speakers from around the country in honour of Archaeologist Roger Mercer. This lecture series followed the AGM on the 17th of April 2021

Revisiting the excavations of the tor enclosures at Carn Brea and Helman Tor with Henrietta Quinnell (University of Exeter) 00:02:30

​Cornish Axes: work on sources and a new resource with Andy M Jones (CAU) 00:31:45​

Tor enclosures on Dartmoor? The DATES Project with Laura Basell (University of Leicester) and Lee Bray (Dartmoor National Park) 01:14:30​

The Hambledon Hill causewayed enclosure and its relations with the south-west with Frances Healey 01:58:20​

Early Neolithic enclosures in southern Britain with Tim Darvill (University of Bournemouth) 02:27:30​

Roger Mercer at Grime’s Graves with Peter Topping (University of Newcastle) 02:59:00